Who We Are

The Northern Nevada Veteran's Coalition (NNVC), is based in Fernley, Nevada.

We are a group of Veterans and non-Veterans, whose main focus is to support the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery (NNVMC). It is not a requirement to be a Vet to be part of the Coalition or Honor Guard.

This Cemetery serves Veterans and their families from Northern Nevada and the Eastern parts of California.

Our Honor Guard, made up of members of the NNVC, is honored to provide military style funeral services to any and all Veterans interred at NNVMC, regardless of rank or time in service.

Our Honor Guard has gained an excellent reputation for their precision and for the caring shown to the Veteran and to the families of the Veterans. This is done, free of charge to the families. However, donations are gratefully accepted. All donations are used to further the efforts of the Honor Guard and to assist in providing support to other projects, honoring Veterans.

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Our Mission

Honoring Veterans For 25 Years!

The Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery is a state owned and operated Veterans Only Cemetery. The cemetery is funded in part by the Federal Cemetery Grants System, and operates within the guidelines set forth in the National Cemetery rules and regulations.

In following our mission, we continually provide support to the cemetery by organizing fund raising events, special site improvements, emergency equipment and supplies, volunteer labor and veterans awareness programs. We also conduct special events, promoting public awareness in regards to the purpose of this facility and the organization of the annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

The Northern Nevada Veteran's Coalition, orginally chartered as the "Veterans Memorial Cemetery Support Group of Northern Nevada" (July 1992), will continue to serve in the same spirit and with the same dedication as our founder, David E. Parsons, intended.

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